• Alpine 27.5, 29

    Alpine's rugged yet nimble construction is able to descend lines that would leave a mountain goat stranded on the crags yet ascend with ease when the work is done.

  • R9 (Tubular/Clincher)

    Impressive straight-line performance from such a deep rim makes this an ideal TT or Tri event slayer.

  • R5 (Tubular/Clincher)

    The R5 is a potent blend of deep profile aerodynamics and nimble handling.

  • R5 Disc

    Improve straight line performance, minimize deflection, and gain control with the R5 Disc.

  • R3 (Tubular/Clincher)

    Lofty & light, R3’s are ready to jump.

  • R3 Disc

    The R3 Disc is an ideal do it all wheelset that was made to attack, sprint, climb, spin, race, and train.

  • R1 (Tubular/Clincher)

    Pyranees, Mont Ventoux, Alpe D’Huez and your local ascent are all no match for the R1.

  • Sprint (Tubular/Clincher)

    With weight lighter than most carbon wheelsets the Sprint uses tried and true alloy rims for raceday performance in all conditions.

  • Impulse (Clincher)

    Impulse is the answer when seeking wheels that perform like wheelsets triple their price.

  • Jetfly (Clincher/HD)

    The perfect wheel for a training ride, Jetfly’s 32mm-deep section rim feels like riding on a knife-edge.

  • Jetfly Disc

    Increase braking power and gain superior control with Novatec’s Jetfly Disc wheelset.

  • CXD (Tubular/Clincher)

    Our CXD wheelset combines the best of our road and offroad technologies.

  • Dragon

    Despite its mythical name, the Dragon was meant for this world - dirt, woods, roots and occasional flight.

  • Dragon 29

    The Dragon 29 takes all the speed, low rolling resistance and bare-knuckle guts of the Dragon and shoves them into a 29er wheelset.

  • FlowTrail

    The best way to describe the Flowtrail is “fun.”

  • Flowtrail 27.5

    The Flowtrail 27.5 is the ideal trail bike wheelset

  • FlowTrail 29

    Bigger wheels mean faster speeds which means bigger fun

  • Diablo

    The Diablo delivers legendary performance to legendary riders.

  • Diablo 27.5

    Decrease weight and increase performance with a rim that delivers success to legendary riders.

  • Diablo 29

    The devil has spawaned a big brother...

  • Demon 26

    Stable, confident handling and surgically precise at speed - nothing comes close.

  • Demon 27.5

    Minimize weight and maximize capability with Novatec’s Demon 27.5

  • Dirtride

    Our most bomber configuration.