UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Downhill – Leogang, Austria June 9 - 12

UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Downhill – Leogang, Austria June 9 – 12


Sam Blenkinsop

Qualifying: 55th
Typically, Leogang has not been kind to Sam. Mentally, that makes it difficult for any athlete’s confidence. Though out the week, practice was typical, as Sam never really felt strong amongst his peers. After qualifying 55th, he was disappointed in himself to say the least. But, we remained positive going in to finals.

Finals: 24th
With only time for 2 runs of practice before finals, you need to make the most of them. Sam definitely made some good progress throughout the morning, and felt much better going in to the finals. Better he did, as he was able to work forward through his run (62nd in split 1, 55th in split 2, 37th in split 3, and 32nd in split 4). Progress.


Harry Heath

Qualifying: DSQ
With a slightly injured shoulder from his previous weekend’s crash in Fort William, Harry was still able to put in some strong training sessions throughout Friday and Saturday prior to qualifying. He was definitely ready for a strong performance going in to qualifiers. After excellent times through split’s 1 – 3 (top 20 for sure), Harry fell in a slick corner (like many on course), and in turn, encountered a mechanical. There was no way to continue down the run to qualify for finals.

Finals: DNS


Fraser McGlone

Qualifying: 105th
Simply put. It wasn’t Fraser’s day. Sometimes you push to hard. Sometimes you don’t push enough. This young rider is still learning the balance. Throughout practice, Fraser was actually looking fairly strong. Qualifying was not a concern. As qualifying runs in reverse order, highest points rider first, Fraser’s run was later in the day….and so was most of the rain fall. During his run, a few falls this the muddy and wet conditions, left him with gloves and grips covered in mud. There was simply no way to properly hang on to the bike (safely) when your gloves look like a chocolate cake.

Finals: DNS

Todd Schumlick (owner/manager):

“I am starting to sound like a broken record, as our team’s results just haven’t been that great. This all seems more obvious after our strong season last year. But I do believe these rough patches test our teams ability to dig deep, and come together as a team. We are going to find a way forward….even if it kills us! This is a highly motivated group. Thanks for everyone’s support.”

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