UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Downhill – Fort William, Scotland June 2 - 5

UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Downhill – Fort William, Scotland June 2 – 5


Sam Blenkinsop

Qualifying: DNF

After last year’s podium finish in ol’ Fort William, Sam was looking for much of the same. With a 10th fastest time during Thursday’s timed training, Sam was sitting about right going in to qualifications. Unfortunately, in one of the fast and rocky section up top, a stray rock made it’s way on to the track and Sam simply could not avoid. Crashing hard, he was unable to get up fast enough to put in a qualifying time. This was definitely an unavoidable situation. We are just happy he is uninjured and will be ready for action at next weekend’s World Cup in Leogang, Austria.

Finals: DNS


Harry Heath

Qualifying: 33rd

Finals: 31st

Again as in Lourdes, progress is the name of the game with this calculative Brit. Moving up 8 positions from qualifying, and approx. 10 seconds quicker (the top 10 average approx. 6 seconds quicker), a decent finish on the day. We’re looking forward to seeing his progress unfold throughout the season.


Fraser McGlone

Qualifying: 29th

The Scotsman was home! After a swap in frame size for day 1 of practice, everyone was feeling confident it was the right choice for the “Badger”. After strong practice, a 29th place qualifier was not much of a surprise. He was also feeling confident after his qualifier that he could do much better.

Finals: 53rd

With family, friends, and countrymen all ready to cheer him on, Fraser was ready to do them proud. Sometimes the added pressure can go either way, and for Fraser, it did not play out like he hoped. As he immediately commented, “one of my weakest runs of the event”. With a better sized bike now under him, we believe Fraser will make his way forward.

Todd Schumlick (owner/manager):

“No excuses. No sugar coating. Our riders are capable of more. I know we aren’t the only team out there who is feeling the struggle….but it doesn’t make it any easier on us knowing that either. We are healthy, positive, and supportive of each other. So I believe we can move forward. Thanks for standing behind us.”

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